Europe VPS

Europe Virtual Private Server


   Private virtual servers offer similar power and liberty to that offered by dedicated servers, but, at a smaller price. High level hardware configuration of the server ensures quick time of response with an amazing transfer rate.
   Private virtual servers offer a high level of liberty allowing complete control and root access at every level of the server, which is yours.
    Our Linux Virtual Private Servers are powered by Solus Virtual Manager (SolusVM) - a powerful GUI based VPS management system with full OpenVZ support. SolusVM allows you manage a VPS with security & ease. All VPS are unmanaged.

 All VPS accounts has the facilities below:

 featured free setup
 featured SolusVM Control Panel
 featured 1 IP address
 featured root access
 featured backup features
 featured monitorization 24/7
 featured one click OS Install, Reinstalls, Reboots
 featured free reinstalls, reboots
 featured 10/100 Mbps server port conection
 featured servers location: Europe
 featured 99% uptime guaranteed*
 featured pay a month at a time




   Hardware information
   Server hardware configuration and network dependes by datacenter location. For details select a plans category and read Information section available on page.

   Setup time
   VPS in stock will be delivered instantly once the payment is completed. However, it might take 24-72 hours for the setup if any control panel, addons or custom configuration is ordered. If control panel (like cPanel, DirectAdmin) is ordered then please do not upload any data, though VPS gets delivered, as control panel installation requires clean OS. You will informed via email once such setup is completed. Also, availability of the VPS cannot be confirmed when ordering.

   Prohibited services
   Not allowed: Warez, Illegal, all IRC (bots, clients, ircd and related) services. All other services is allowed, but also if you want to check a special content please contact us.