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   What is WHMSonic Shoutcast Admin Pro?
   WHMSonic is a popular WHM/cPanel plugin, intended on making your life easier. WHMSonic's plugins install in seconds and allows you to offer Shoutcast streaming media, AutoDJ, radio reseller from your Dedicated or VPS server without SSH access. Our plugins also support your users cPanel. Users can setup radio from their cPanel and fully control it under your permission. It has everything you need to control shoutcast, please check our Features List.

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 featured Supports 8 languages
 featured WHMSonic Sound Filter HD radio revolution
 featured Create FlashPlayers and player links easily
 featured Setup and easily manage radios from WHM or cPanel
 featured Provide only WHMSonic section in the cPanel without
 featured Real time bitrate & bandwidth control + limits +
 featured Setup External or Internal Shoutcast radios
featured Setup AutoDJ's with AAC+ encoder
 featured Create WHMSonic Resellers for your current WHM
 featured Amazing RadioLive website + template for your
 featured Supports flashplayer, Mediaplayer, Quicktime,
        RealPlayer  and Winamp.

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Features List

  • Root Features

Shoutcast Limits: You can create your own limits for your shoutcast customers, WHMSonic allows you to limit Traffic, Bitrate, Listeners, IP, Port, AutoDJ, destination IP and much more ...

Multi-Languages: WHMSonic supports 8 different languages: English, German, French, Portuguese, Portuguese - BR, Romanian, Turkish, Spanish, Custom Language + a language editor for translation.

Internal Shoutcast Setup: Setup shoutcast for customers who have a current cPanel webhosting account on the server and especially need the AutoDJ feature.

External Shoutcast Setup: Setup shoutcast who don't have cPanel webhosting account on the server. Provide WHMSonic panel access without hosting, email features. Radio owners can share their WHMSonic username+password with their DJ's, it is safe. External users have FTP account to upload multiple mp3 files for AutoDJ and playlists.

List/Manage ShoutCast Customers: WHMSonic provides powerful customer list features. You can see all of the details, limits, radio status, radio ip, port, password, traffic limits, quickly tune in, re-send account email and much more. You can also simply start/stop/restart/terminate/suspend/unsuspend edit/upgrade the account's information, including owner and IPs by clicking one button.

User Friendly - WHM Style: WHMSonic has left menu like WHM style, allows you to control all the functions from the left menu easily.

HD Sound Quality: WHMSonic has custom sound filter and transcoder for your radios, this is a new generation and revolution for shoutcast world. Enjoy it on AAC+ streams via WHMSonic.

AAC+ AutoDJ: WHMSonic AutoDJ supports AAC+ stream, it can make AAC+ stream for your shoutcast. It has also integrated with WHMSonic player to play your radio on internet explorer or firefox. WHMSonic's AutoDJ is a great tool. This allows you to setup automatic DJ's for shoutcast, auto-play mp3 files, automix, shuffle and playlist features. AutoDJ is useful when you dont have DJ on air.

AutoDJ (WHMSonic CD-Servers + AutoBase): WHMSonic AutoDJ has CD and download feature, it allows you and your clients download cd's from our servers.

Playlist Manager: Powerful playlist manager; manage mp3 files and see what is going to play with AutoDJ. Create,remove,edit playlists.

Schedule Playlist: You can schedule playlists for any event with AutoDJ. International TimeZones are supported, so you can schedule for any client you have from different countries.

Graphical Stats & Online Listeners: See the shoutcast listener stats in a graphical mod with many details. Check the online listeners realtime.

DJ Manager: WHMSonic allows you to add DJ's into AutoDJ. Your DJ's can connect via custom DJ port to stream without kicking the source of AutoDJ. So the listeners will stay, AutoDJ will also re-connect to stream with xFade effect when the DJ job is done.

Welcome Email + SMTP Support: WHMSonic allows you to send welcome email to your clients and resellers during the shoutcast and account creation. It supports SMTP functions, so you can send real emails and your welcome email will reach to your clients %100 instead of nobody sender as a spam.

Email Template Editor: You can edit your email templates fully with WHMSonic email editor. It has powerful WYSIWYG editor and example templates are waiting for you.

Branding Features: You can custumize cPanel side head and logos.

Advertisement Features: You can add advertisements into your clients shoutcasts as a intro or title text which are shown during the stream on players LCD screens.

Create Player Links: WHMSonic allows you to create player links automatically for your clients websites with HTML codes and images. You can easily create all the player links by clicking one button.

Create FlashPlayer Pro: WHMSonic allows you to create professional flashplayers for your clients websites with player + html code automatically. It is powerful flashplayer can play the stream without memory leak and buffer issues.

AAC+ Player & Full Scripts: WHMSonic allows you to setup full player scripts into your clients website account like fantastico software. WHMSonic has AAC+ player for internet explorer and firefox, so listeners can listen to shoutcast via on the website. You can also setup extra scripts from this feature such as live listen, listeners stats and much more...

F.A.Q Manager: WHMSonic has F.A.Q manager, it allows you to create faq page for the cPanel side and for clients, you can customize it whatever you like as a full page.

Quick Control & Listen to: WHMSonic has quick control function in the WHMSonic root main, you can easily search clients and edit their shoutcast or account, you can also listen to any shoutcast via root main page with flashplayer.

Real Time Bitrate Control: If you enable this option then WHMSonic will check the bitrate at which the user is steaming and if they are streaming higher than the limit you provided WHMSonic will stop that radio and inform the user via cPanel.

Bandwidth Monitor: WHMSonic will count the correct traffic usage for shoutcast users. You can monitor them in the bandwidth monitor section where you can control/upgrade the bandwidth limits.

WHMSonic Resellers Internal: WHMSonic allows you to add radio reselling services to your current cPanel reseller customers, where you can configure their limits, radio creation limit, autoDJ access, maximum listeners limit, and maximum bitrate limits. You can create and sell your own shoutcast radio reseller packages and can limit them with whatever you like.

WHMSonic Resellers External: WHMSonic allows you to add radio reselling services to external customers, you can create a WHM reseller account with WHMSonic for only WHMSonic features without webhosting and any other WHM function.

Intro-Backup Features: BackupFile can specify an mp3 file that will be streamed to listeners over and over again when the source stream disconnects. This feature is useful when there is a DJ change on the radio.

Start All Radios:
When you restart your dedicated server, you can click start all radios button to start all radios very quickly.

Users WHMSonic Access And Limits: Puts the users under your control. You can enable/disable the AutoDJ usage or others one by one and give access to the customer for cPanel WHMSonic option. Your customer can then control their radio and use WHMSonic features in cPanel after you have given them access. You can also suspend/block/remove the user from cPanel WHMSonic access.

Suspend/unsuspend Shoutcast: When you suspend the radio for any customer, WHMSonic will stop the radio and suspend the customer's cPanel WHMSonic access. Your customer will not be able to start the radio.

Remove Shoutcast: Remove user's shoutcast radio from server and terminate user's radio data files.

Radio Conf Modification: You can simply edit any sc_serv.conf file from WHMSonic if you have custom lines.

Real-Time Port Control: Automatic real-time port control. WHMSonic controls the shoutcast ports in real-time.

Feature Manager: Supports WHM feature packages, you can configure your cPanel feature packages to disable or enable WHMSonic completely for the cPanel side instead of the users' WHMSonic access via cPanel option.

Skin Support: WHMSonic supports x3,x2,X, and RVSkin cPanel skins.

  • Users Control Panel Features:

Users Cpanel WHMSonic Powerful and flexible, high quality graphics and user friendly shoutcast panel for your customers.

Setup Latest ShoutCast: Your cPanel users can setup ShoutCast from their cPanel with the limits you provided one by one.

Manage Shoutcast: Start/Stop/Restart/Edit/Update ShoutCast

Remove ShoutCast: Remove ShoutCast radio from my account.

ShoutCast Configurations: Manage ShoutCast configurations, password and other details.

Intro - Backup Features: Manage ShoutCast intro-backup features. BackupFile can specify an mp3 file that will be streamed to listeners over and over again when the source stream disconnects. This feature is useful when a DJ changes on the radio.

AutoDJ Features: (If user have access to this feature) WHMSonic AutoDJ is great tool, allows you to setup Automatic deejay's to ShoutCast, auto play mp3 files, automix, shuffle and playlist features. AutoDJ is useful when real dj is not streaming.

Relay Features: Manage relay options, use RelayPort and RelayServerIP to specify that you want to be a relay server. Relay servers act as clients for another server and rebroadcast.

Download Scripts | Tools: Users can download useful tools and others, live listen script download and usage details included. Check liveListen features list above for more details.

Bitrate Abuse Logs: WHMSonic checking the bitrate at which the user is steaming and if they are streaming higher than the limit you provided then WHMSonic will stop that radio and inform the user via cPanel.

Intro-Backup Features: BackupFile can specify an mp3 file that will be streamed to listeners over and over again when the source stream disconnects. This feature is useful when a DJ changes on the radio.

Bandwidth Abuse Logs:
Bandwidth usage details and abuse logs if bandwidth exceeded.

F.A.Q Section: This section is editable from WHM root WHMSonic, you can provide your support details and faq, may advertisements. 

Official Reseller

cast   We are official resellers of  WHMSonic with instant activation and offer installation and support services.